Thursday, September 10, 2015

Staff Update

We have a number of new staff members who have joined our team over the summer.  Welcome to Miss Colquhoun (Grade 2 for Mrs. Langan), Mr. Burnett (Grade 1 for Mrs. Hendrie), Miss Quinney (library/prep coverage), Mrs. Warkentin (Grade 5 pm) and Mr. Cobb (Grade 5/6 for Mr. Gilbert).  Welcome back to Mrs. Parry who will be teaching FDK in the mornings with Mrs. Kacer taking over in the afternoon.  We would also like to welcome Mrs. Smith, our new permanent secretary.  All our new staff bring loads of experience along with them and are excited to meet you and your students.  Below you’ll find an updated staff list along with their assignment for the year.

Mrs. Gilbert – FDK
Mrs. Brady – FDK
Mrs. Parry – FDK am/prep
Mrs. Kacer – FDK pm
Ms. Church – ECE
Ms. Dick – ECE
Mr. Burnett – Grade 1
Mrs. Donais – Grade 1/2
Miss Colquhoun – Grade 2
Mrs. Brodie – Grade 3
Mrs. Kranenburg – Grade 3/4
Mr. Spencer – Grade 4
Mr. Cobb – Grade 5/6
Mrs. Vsetula – Grade 5 am/prep
Mrs. Warkentin – Grade 5 pm
Mrs. Duncan – Grade 6
Ms. Coatsworth – Grade 7/8
Mr. Coatsworth – Grade 7/8
Mr. VanKessel - Gym
Mr. Barr – French/Prep
Miss Row – Primary Resource
Mrs. Murray – Jr/Int Resource
Mr. Bechard - EA
Ms. Blunn – EA
Ms. Drewery – EA
Ms. Lane – EA
Ms. Manery – EA
Ms. Smith – EA
Ms. Thelosen – EA
Mr. VanEijkern – EA
Mr. Ladd – EA
Ms. Scott – EA
Mrs. Wilbur – CYW
Mrs. Chapple – Custodian
Mr. Jones – Custodian
Mr. Brown – Custodian
Mrs. Smith – Secretary
Mrs. VanDenBossche – Vice Principal

Mr. Hodgson - Principal

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